Welcome to Amaudo UK

What is Amaudo UK?

Amaudo UK is a British charity working in partnership with Nigeria-based Amaudo Itumbauzo in achieving its goal of implementing accessible, affordable and sustainable systems of mental health care in South-Eastern Nigeria as well as providing rehabilitation for those who have become homeless due to mental health problems or learning disabilities.

If you are a new to Amaudo then please take your time to look through the links on the left, to find out about the work being carried out in Nigeria. Alternatively, if you are one of Amaudo’s fantastic supporters then please also take your time to browse through some of the information here. Things are always changing so you may find something new!

Why Mental Health Matters

30% of the world’s population suffer some form of mental disorder every year and at least two-thirds receive inadequate or no treatment.
Mental illness outranks cancer and heart disease as a source of chronic ill-health - mainly due to the disabling nature of depression and alcohol or drug problems - yet it attracts a fraction of the resources of these more fashionable conditions.
As much as 14% of the global disease burden is attributable to mental illness, yet the condition is marked by stigma and neglect.
Almost a third of countries worldwide have no budget for mental health and one fifth of those that have spend less than 1% of their total health budget on it.
Human rights violations of psychiatric patients are routinely reported in most countries. These include physical restraint, seclusion and denial of basic needs and privacy. Few countries have a legal framework that adequately protects the rights of people with a mental disorder.
Data from World Health Organisation: www.who.int


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