Amaudo UK formally began in January 2000. It developed from the work being undertaken by friends and family of workers/volunteers at the project and ex-volunteers on their return to the UK, all of whom supported the work being undertaken in Amaudo Itumbauzo in their free time.

Over the years the support from the UK had been essential for the development of Amaudo Itumbauzo but it was always felt that there had to be a better way of providing a more professional service to both Amaudo in Nigeria and the many people in the UK who supported its work.

In 2001 it was decided that the best way to move forward would be to employ a dedicated worker to meet the demands of both these groups. Kate Lumley, who had been volunteering time and energy to Amaudo for many years, was appointed to this role.

In addition to this, we realised that there was the potential for a much more proactive role in seeking out and providing new opportunities and information to pass on to Amaudo Itumbauzo.

Today Amaudo UK employs 2 members of staff, Caroline Todd-Earlam having joined Kate in the office, has 11 trustees, and works in partnership with Amaudo Nigeria in a number of areas, providing, for example: expert volunteers, essential funds, and up-to-date knowledge. See our Mission Statement and How We Achieve Our Aims.