Projects of Amaudo Itumbauzo

Amaudo means ‘Village of Peace’, a name chosen by its founder, Ros Colwill and it is based in the village of Itumbauzo in South-East Nigeria. The organisation Amaudo Itumbauzo helps those who find themselves destitute due to mental ill health, mental illness or learning difficulties. It has 6 projects, working in various areas of care, support and education.

The organisation has grown from humble beginnings to a globally-known and inspirational venture, offering hope and a future to those who pass through its doors every year, as well as the many more who have contact in some way with one of the projects, of which you can find out more here.

Amaudo has pioneered mental health care in South-East Nigeria and has become a model of good practice across the country.

A message from the Welfare Officer of Amaudo Itumbauzo, Very Rev Timothy Ogbonnaya:

Thank you for taking time to read about the work that we are doing with people who are mentally ill in South East Nigeria. Amaudo Itumbauzo strives to care, treat and rehabilitate those who are made destitute because of their mental illness. The stigma and the fear it incites in others tends to isolate the person further. Often we are the first positive contact that person has had for many years.

The staff we have in our projects are experienced and dedicated individuals who mainly not only work in the community but live here too. We feel happy when a resident leaves our centre having received treatment, with the skills and tools to earn a living. They will also leave with the support and understanding of their family gained through repatriation work and education undertaken by the staff, and with community back-up provided by the Community Mental Health Programme Nurses.

I thank you for your interest and support of the necessary and vital work we are carrying out here in Nigeria; it makes all the difference.