Amaudo Itumbauzo Board and Staff

Amaudo Itumbauzo is affiliated with and supported by the Methodist Church Nigeria. It also has strong guidance and leadership through a dedicated Board of Governors and a Management Committee, both of which draw skills and expertise from a wide range of people. All decision-making in Amaudo is taken through these two committees to ensure a smooth running of the centre.

Amaudo Itumbauzo has conscientiously provided a service to an unending challenge in the South-Eastern part of Nigeria, providing a holistic solution to mental health problems and destitution in this part of the world.

Our model is acclaimed at both the state and the national levels as one of the best in Nigeria today and different governments have continued to send their staff to understudy us with a view to replicating this model in mental health services around the country.

With such high expectations, our work in Amaudo Itumbauzo continues to pose new challenges as we look for ways of making our services not only user-friendly but also touching all facets of mental health. We have already ventured into several areas including education and awareness creation; human rights and advocacy; children with learning disabilities; workshop and training courses for sustainable rural livelihoods for those discharged; and resettlement programmes to achieve our vision.

Challenging cultural perceptions of mental health, which have hitherto been eclipsed by superstitious beliefs, has remained a battlefield. Today we are making reasonable progress in this area. Our effort at generating a bill and influencing the House Of Assembly of the state to pass it into law is an ongoing battle, which we must win.

A new crop of board members were appointed by the Prelate of Methodist Church Nigeria and was inaugurated late last year. I am priviliged to be appointed Chair of this Board. It is made up of professionals in the medical field, social welfare, government officials and captains of industry. This Board’s challenge is not only to sustain the great work that has been done, but also to move it on to the next level. We remain grateful to the founder of this project, Sister Rosalind Colwill, who has remained a source of inspiration to us all here. We also thank the Trustees of Amaudo UK and all those who support us through them. We urge continuing support for this continuing challenge.


Rt Rev Bishop Christopher N. Ede (Barr)
Chair of the Board


Board Members

Rev Bishop Christopher N. Ede
Rev Bishop Ede became a priest in 1988 and graduated as a lawyer from NAU Awka in 1995. He was called to the Bar as a barrister and solicitor in 1996 and added a post graduate degree. Elected Bishop in 1998, he has been involved in Amaudo since becoming Bishop of Uzuakoli, as well as other projects, including sitting as the Chair of the Methodist HIV/AIDS project. He became Chair of the Board of Amaudo Itumbauzo in 2006.
The Bishop has had setbacks; his leg was damaged in a scaffolding accident but he has remained focused and dedicated to the work he does. He is married and has 4 children: 2 boys and 2 girls.

Sir Paul Okorie

Sir Paul Okorie is the administrator of the Royal Cross Methodist Hospital in Ugwueke. He has served as a Board Member in the previous Board of Governors.


Chief S.A. Uluocha

Chief Uluocha worked as a manager at the leprosy colony and was a previous member of the Board of Governors.


Elder Emma Ndukwe

Elder Emma Ndukwe is an Ex-Lay President of the Methodist Church and is a new member of the Board of Governors.

Eze Chima Ndom

Eze Chima Ndom is a landowner and local ruler.

He is a long time supporter of Amaudo and a long-serving member of the Board.


Mrs Mercy Orji

Mrs Mercy Orji is a Representative of the Ministries of Sports and Social Welfare.

Mrs Orji is also a Director of Social Welfare.


Chief Chibiko Ukanwoke

Chief Chibiko Ukanwoke is a new member of the Board and is the retired principal of the Methodist College of Uzuakoli.

He is also the former Chairman of Umuahia North.


Very Rev Innocent Ekeke

Very Rev Innocent Ekeke is the current Director of the Leprosy Centre at Uzuakoli.


Very Rev Chikwendu Igwe

Very Rev Chikwendu Igwe is the current Rector at the Methodist Training Institute.


Elder S U Uformba

Elder Uformba is the Lay President of the Uzuakoli Diocese.

He currently works as a civil servant.

Deaconess Matilda Salvador

Deaconess Matilda Salvador is Chaplain of the Leprosy Centre Uzuakoli.

Formerly she has held both the posts of Chaplain at Amaudo Ntalawku and Headmistress of the Helping Hands School. She is married to Rev Albert Salvador, Co-ordinator of RENEW.


Elder Onwukwe Uko

Elder Onwukwe Uko is an old member of the Board of Governors and is the former Director of Bende Local Government.


Rosalind Nkechi Colwill

Founder of Amaudo Itumabauzo, Ros Nkechi Colwill is a trained Social Worker and a Methodist missionary who has lived in Nigeria for over 25 years.

Ros ran the leprosy colony before setting up Amaudo. She is now developing a new venture where she is setting up a spiritual retreat centre as part of the Methodist Church Nigeria.

Staff at Amaudo Itumbauzo

There are over 90 members of staff employed in Nigeria by Amaudo Itumbauzo.

Welfare Officer - The Very Rev Timothy Ogbonnaya

A Methodist minister serving at Amaudo Itumbauzo. He graduated from Trinity College Umuahia, served at Lagos, Ugwueke and Azurite as priest in charge of the circuit. He served as a Board member of Royal cross Hospital Ugwueke and Ozuitem.
During his time at Uzuakoli he served as the coordinator of youth work for 3 years and the Diocesan Chairman of Sunday school for 1 year. In 2004 he was posted to Amaudo Itumbauzo as Project Comfort coordinator and in 2006 became the Welfare Officer of Amaudo Itumbauzo. He is married to Mercy and is blessed with 3 children Victor, Divine and Marvellous.

Assistant Welfare Officer - Cecil Johnson

A former business manager with a national retail organisation, Cecil’s role in Amaudo involves Human Resource Management, staff training and development. He is also working with the project coordinators in helping formulate a five year development plan for Amaudo Itumbauzo. A native of Northern Ireland, Cecil has worked and lived in various locations in N. Ireland, Scotland and England and his present UK base is Torquay in Devon where he has been an active member of St Matthias’ parish church. He has previously worked for a short period at Agboke in Benue State and also made several trips to Uganda as a member of a team working on school building projects with the ‘Field of Life’ Charity.
For the past few years Cecil has been undergoing an Open University course on International Development Studies. His main hobby is ‘Munro Bagging’ (mountain climbing in Scotland) and has climbed all the highest summits throughout the UK and Ireland.

Amaudo 1 Coordinator - The Revd Kenneth Enyinnaya Nwaubani

The Revd Kenneth Enyinnaya Nwaubani has been in post since September 2007 having been posted to Amaudo from his last job in Abuja. He has a BA (honours) degree in cultural studies and religion; he is married to Ngozi Joy Nwaubani.


Amaudo 2 Coordinator - Very Revd Bernard O. Abanobi

Very Revd Bernard O. Abanobi was born in Umuasua, Isuikwuato LGA, Abia State. Due to the Nigerian civil war his schooling was delayed. He was called to the ministry by God and entered Methodist Theological Institute Umuahia (MTIU) in 1985, graduating in 1988 with credits in Religious Studeis from the University of Calabar and and credits in Theology from MTIU.
He started pastoral work with the Methodist church in 1988. He is married to Florence C. Abanobi and has 3 children, Godwill, Blessing and Johnson.

Project Comfort Coordinator- Revd David Ugoh Onoja

Revd David Ugoh Onoja was born in 1971 at Ishilo Igwu/Akor Orokam Ogbadibo LGA, Bende State. He attended theological school at Methodist Theological Institute Sagamu Ogun State from 1996-2002, from where he graduated a Clergyman. He was ordained as a priest on 14th August 2005.

Renew Coordinator - Rev Albert Salvador

Rev Albert is married to Deaconess Matilda and together they ran Amaudo 2 for 10 years with Albert as Coordinator and Matilda the Chaplain and Headmistress of Helping Hands School. In 2006 Rev Albert was posted to the newly developed Renew project based in Uzuakoli. This is a joint project between Uzuacoli and Amaudo, tailor-making the specialist equipment such as wheel chairs and callipers, needed by people with physical disabilities. The project naturally has strong links with Project Comfort. Rev Albert and Deaconess Matilda have one son, Chima.

Community Mental Health Programme - Elaine Greer

Elaine has been coordinating what was previously the Community Psychiatric Programme, but now CMHP, for a year and a half. She originates from N.Ireland and worked in the NHS in London for 20 years. In her previous role she was manager of the Focus Team; a mental health team for homeless people in Camden and Islington. Before taking up this post Elaine came to Amaudo three times as part of the Human Rights Mental Health Awareness Programme, delivering ‘Training for Trainers’ to nurses who then trained Village Health Workers.
Elaine is a non-residential worker and lives in Umuahia where the CMHP Office is based.

Farm Coordinator - Uwakwe Nwosu

Awakwe was initially the farm manager at Amaudo 2 for 8 years before becoming the farm supervisor at Amaudo 1 in 2000. In 2005 he became the Farm Coordinator, overseeing all the farm activities on both Amaudo 1 and 2. His role includes overseeing all the production of food grown and eaten and is responsible for all food stores and the maintaince of farm equipment.
Uwakwe is also a house parent in Amaudo 1 and he both lives and works at the project.