History of Amaudo in Nigeria

Pioneering a vision of hope

From an early age, Ros Colwill’s vision was to empower the under-privileged of society. This calling led to her working with Mother Teresa in India and providing support for homeless people in England.

A trained social worker, Ros Colwill began a post in 1980 with the Methodist Church in Uzuakoli leprosy centre in Nigeria. She worked there for ten years, during which time the plight of individuals who were destitute and experiencing mental health problems became a growing concern for her. Ros worked to create and develop Amaudo Itumbauzo under the organisation of the Methodist Church Nigeria, in collaboration with local communities. In partnership with local and state government departments Amaudo opened in 1990.

Africans live communally. The African world view is about people-centred care. It is about health as harmony and congruence, which involves the life of the community. Amaudo attempts to offer a group of people, who for many years have been severely marginalised, the chance to once again learn their rights and their responsibilities in communal life.

Ros Colwill

After a period of illness Ros stepped down from the role of Welfare Officer in 2002. However, she remains committed to the project and is a current member of the Board of Governors in Nigeria. Upon Ros’ leaving, Diane Blair, who was working at the centre at the time, stepped into the role of Welfare Officer at short notice. She steadied the ship and ensured that Amaudo Itumbauzo was able to continue its work. Thanks to her energy and enthusiasm, the organisation flourished under her directorship.

When Diane left the post in 2006, the role of Welfare Officer was passed to David Keenan. Unfortunately David returned to the UK after illness and thereafter the first Nigerian Welfare Officer was appointed. Very Rev. Timothy Ogbonnaya has done a fantastic job of both consolidating and expanding the work carried out by Amaudo Itumbauzo and today the organisation continues to go from strength to strength, changing lives and bringing new hope just as Ros first envisaged nearly 20 years earlier.

Very Rev Timothy Ogbonnaya