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We need you

Amaudo UK has seen the powerful results that can be achieved in enabling care and rehabilitation to be provided as an alternative to destitution and maltreatment.

Your support will make a real difference in enabling us to bring
new life ~ new hope
by pioneering sustainable services that will bring an end to homelessness and abuse amongst those experiencing mental health problems in South Eastern Nigeria. With your regular financial gifts Amaudo UK can continue to be committed to transforming lives.

Amaudo UK have agreed a partnership with the travel firm ‘World Nomads’. Every time somebody purchases their travel insurance through the Amaudo UK website, Amaudo UK is given a percentage of the fee.

This will not increase the cost to the traveller, but will make a real difference to Amaudo. So please, if you are considering taking off somewhere, and need travel insurance, click here.