Amaudo UK and Amaudo Itumbauzo have always welcomed the skills and talents of volunteers from all over the world. Our aim is to incorporate people’s knowledge and skills into the wider Amaudo picture, enhancing rather than changing what is already there.

At present there are 2 programmes under which people can become volunteers in Nigeria:

Supported Volunteers Programme: Amaudo UK actively recruits for a small number of specific posts which are identified by Amaudo Itumbauzo, where the skills needed are not available locally.

These positions are funded by external agencies which support Amaudo Itumbauzo but are managed by Amaudo UK. The successful applicant will be given training and support, have their placement costs covered (e.g. airfares, health requirements. insurance etc.) and will receive a local allowance. Volunteers are expected to spend at least 1 year in Nigeria.

Currently the Methodist Church (UK)/World Church Office are providing funding for 3 volunteers under this programme. We are hoping to secure funding for 2 further posts in the near future.

Self-Supporting Volunteers Programme: Amaudo Itumbauzo benefits from volunteers going out to the project for short periods with particular skills to share. In recent years this has included: a group of young people offering art and drama over a 3-week period; a trainer going to give 2 weeks of mental health training; and a retired dietician teaching nutrition and cooking skills to the residents over 6 months.

Self-supporting volunteers will receive preparation support from Amaudo UK but will have to finance themselves entirely. If a person comes forward with an offer to volunteer, Amaudo UK and Amaudo Itumbauzo will make sure that the particular skills on offer will be of benefit to the project. An interview with Amaudo UK and references will be required.

We will also consider student placements in the project if there is a professional there at the time, who could appropriately supervise.

Volunteer Time in the UK: If you have a skill or desire to contribute to the work of Amaudo in the UK we would love to hear from you. Our artwork and newsletter design are all put together by people volunteering their time and skills.

Trustee Vacancies: From time to time we may have a vacancy for a place on the Board of Trustees of Amaudo UK. The trustees give their time and expertise voluntarily and are a great asset to the organisation. We will post news on this website if a position arises.

Example: Elaine is a supported volunteer on the Methodist WCO scheme. She is a community nurse manager from London. Before moving to Nigeria she managed a multi-disciplinary team working with homeless people in North London with mental health problems. Elaine took a career break to go to Amaudo to coordinate the Community Mental Health Team (CMHT). She is a non-residential volunteer living in the town of Umuahia, where she coordinates the community mental health clinics across 3 states and has worked to train the staff, strengthening and expanding the service. Elaine has loved working and living in South-East Nigeria, exploring the rest of the country and learning and living within its rich culture.

Example: Diane first went to Amaudo as a self-supporting volunteer 7 years ago. She was asked to share her IT skills putting systems in place on the newly-introduced computers, whilst teaching the staff how to record data. She then raised a large amount of money to put a programme of mental health and skills training in place. She later took over the role of Welfare Officer when the founder, Ros Colwill, had to step down due to a sudden illness. Diane left Amaudo as a supported volunteer with the Methodist Church who agreed to financially support her as Welfare Officer. Diane had planned to go to Nigeria for a short period but ended up staying for 5 years! She left in 2005 in style; her partner flew out from Britain and they had a huge wedding celebration with everyone in Amaudo.

Offering volunteer time in the UK: Chiemeka Ozumba is a graphic designer and printer. He was impressed with the work that Amaudo UK is doing to support Amaudo Itumbauzo and contacted the UK office to offer his time and skills. He has now redesigned our newsletter, giving it a fresh, contemporary feel. This was much-needed and something Amaudo UK would not have been able to do without his help.

How to Volunteer

For supporter volunteer posts please click here for recruitment.

To enquire about self-supporting volunteer opportunities please click on self-supporting volunteer form, fill it in and send it to us by email with your enquiry to amaudouk@btconnect.com . Please see the terms and conditions of being a self-supporting volunteer.

If you would like to offer your time or skills to Amaudo UK then please contact Caroline or Kate on tel: 0208 7767363 or email:amaudouk@btconnect.com