Project Comfort

This project is named after Comfort, a young child with severe learning impairments who was abandoned at a nearby ‘motherless-babies’ home in 2000. This event highlighted the complete lack of resources for these children and their families and the horrifying traditional beliefs associated with such children, which can lead to the denial of any food and drink so as to precipitate an early death.

Amaudo Itumbauzo has now set up community-based services for these children and young people with learning impairments, teaching their parents to give them support and providing specialist advice and care.

The project goes from strength to strength and is about to move out of its current base at Amaudo Ntalakwu to a more accessible location in the village of Bende. This move has been supported by the charity CBM.

A partner project, RENEW, has recently been set up, which makes specialist equipment such as wheelchairs and callipers.

Rose, a little girl with Down’s syndrome was referred to the project by her parents who could not understand why their daughter would not respond in a ‘normal’ way. They were angry and desperate, having been to hospital, where they were told to feed her Ribena. Needless to say, it did not work…
The Project Comfort field worker helped Rose’s parents to understand her condition and then taught them ways of teaching her life skills using occupational therapy techniques. Her father was also invited to a support group and could not believe there were other children like Rose!

Rose’s father is now running the support group, helping other parents understand and cope, whilst Rose is an extremely happy child who is now at school and can wash, dress and help around the house, including cooking with her Mum.