Amaudo Okopedi

Amaudo Okopedi: Village of Peace

This is the Community Centre for Mentally Ill Destitutes. It is home for up to 65 destitute, mentally ill people and a base for their rehabilitation and repatriation.
Rehabilitation takes place whilst the residents live, work, eat and worship together. The holistic approach to treatment involves counselling, psychiatric medication and workshops in life skills and vocational training.
The families of the residents are traced, educated about mental illness and, after a number of home visits, resettlement into the community becomes a reality. Discharged residents are equipped with the tools to begin their trades at home and their progress is reviewed by Psychiatric Nurses.

Workshop training gives every resident an opportunity to learn a new skill with which to support themselves on their return home. This training aims to give them a role in the community they return to and helps them fit back into their village with less difficulty than might have been. The skills which residents are able to learn include tailoring, typing, hairdressing, basket-weaving, trading, and shoe making.

Story: Dennis was found wandering many miles. The people who picked him up recognized that he spoke Igbo and therefore brought him to Amaudo. He received clothing, shelter and treatment whilst his family were traced. Dennis went on a home visit where the whole community turned out to greet him. He had not been seen for 10 years and they thought he had died. Some people had to touch him to check he was not a ghost. Two years on Dennis has gone home and is working as a trained shoe-maker. Amaudo have provided community support and the tools with which to set up his own shoe-making business.